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Ansytery (Why Family Tree Research is Hard)

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Yeah, we misspelled that. On purpose. To prove a point. Family tree research can be hard. Not just due to the number of sources and sites that can be used, the tools involved, the confusing and redundant information. But also because over time, all sorts of things may have happened, like misspellings, misplaced information, undocumented relatives within the family tree, or information simply not existing.

It's a really, really big puzzle.

Big puzzles, when left to the experts, can sometimes be solved a lot quicker than by everybody else. The experts will know how to arrange the pieces, how to sift through and sort the information, and how to take the first steps in putting it all together. Those first steps can often set the foundation to really getting the puzzle put together.

So, trust an expert. Look to services like or others, so you don't end up throwing all of the pieces back into the box.

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