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Grandparents Day Gift Ideas: Family Tree Research

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Grandparents are generally people who already "have it all." When it comes to finding the right gift for grandparents for holidays or for Grandparents Day, it's hard. Really hard. What's right to get them?

Grandparents always appreciate gifts that are thoughtful, and that open doors for them to share as well. There's no better gift for grandpa and grandma than a family tree. This is something that they can explore on their own, and something that they can talk about during any family gathering. When Grandma gets to reminisce on her great grandparents and their story, when Grandpa talks about his great-uncle and the stories he heard as a child, they open up. They share. The family becomes closer and stronger.

Consider researching your family tree and ancestry, whether on your own or through a service like in order to create and share your family story with your Grandparents (and for them to share with the family and others as well). They'll appreciate it, and it'll be a gift they remember and share for years.

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