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Ancestry, Family Tree and Genealogy Research Services

Learn about your family history, your heritage, and about your family tree, without having to subscribe to multiple sites and services! 

We do all of the legwork and research for you. 

Let's get started today!


Family Tree and Ancestor Research

Genealogy research that gets you results, that you can afford.

Family tree and heritage research can be overwhelming. There are countless free family tree research websites and genealogy research subscription services, it's difficult to determine where to start. Let us help you to find your ancestors.

We just need a couple of "starting points" in order to research the origination of surnames, to help identify your last name origination and to help build a family tree. 

Don't get tricked into purchasing a genealogy test or DNA ancestry test. These will often identify half the globe as your "heritage." We will research and build a family tree that you can share with others and can continue to explore.  

We do the research for you. Easy packages to get started with a la carte options as well. Start today! 

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Plans & Pricing

Choose from our pre-packaged plans. A la carte options also available.

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Starter Plan

Begin documenting and learning about your family history and tree

With the Starter Plan, receive: 

  • 3 (or more) hours of research

  • Family tree with basic information

  • Written report

Family Plan

Let us research your heritage and create a more robust family tree

With the Family Plan, receive: 

  • 5 (or more) hours of research

  • A broader family tree with more detailed information

  • A written report

  • A USB drive housing all images, documents etc. obtained during the search

Archives Plan

Explore in depth your ancestry and heritage, with a documented family tree

With the Archives Plan, receive: 

  • 10 (or more) hours of research

  • A family tree as broad and detailed as the research is able to go

  • A written report

  • A (shipped) hard drive containing all images, documents etc. obtained during the search

All plans include receiving a custom family tree and written report. The written report will detail what information could be found (as well as what couldn't), and images and photographs that were obtained during the research.


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